maandag 16 mei 2016

Covering a cut in a sleeve - Een scheur in een bloes wegwerken

Last year, I bought a blouse online. The blouse was packed in a plastic bag and when I opened that bag with scissors, I cut right in the left sleeve of the new blouse. Ouch. 

As you can see, the cut is almost an inch long, so not really small. It's impossible to wear this blouse without fixing the cut.

After sulking for half a year and pondering about how to fix this, I opted for cutting right throught the sleeve and insert a lace strip. I chose between three options: the first is a simple cotton strip.

It was ok, but really white as opposed to the slight off-white of the blouse. Hmmm, not sure.
The next one is a small  lace strip that I really like, but it's quite stiff and I'm afraid it will scratch my arms every time I move. A definite no, this one.

The last one is a broader lace strip, and a lot softer than the second one. The colour is also exactly right.
No going back now...

 Doesn't look too bad...

And because I could not do only the left sleeve, because that would be really silly, here is a picture of the blouse with both sleeves altered.

And since I had some leftover lace, I decided to alter the bow bit.

 And so, one year after purchasing it, I'll finaly be able to wear this slightly altered blouse to work.

1 opmerking:

  1. Don’t you just hate it when you do something like this.
    Such a clever fix. I think the blouse looks better than before.


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