vrijdag 26 oktober 2012

Blogger's Quilt Festival Fall 2012

It's the time of the year again when Amy hosts the Bloggers Quilt festival! If you came here through her site, welcome! I'm Anne, I've been quilting for a couple of years now, I buy way too much fabric, have way too many unfinished quilts but luckily, once in a while I actually manage to finish one!

I hesitated between two quilts, but finally decided to enter my Winnie-the Pooh quilt because of the story behind it and the hand quilting.

It all started with a colleague of mine who brought me an old pj of her daughter. A Winnie-the-Pooh pj that had been her daughters favorite for years and years. That same daughter had now graduated, had started working and had just bought a house. We decided to use the pj's as the starting point for a quilt that my colleague would give to her daughter when she would move into her new house, which gave me about six months to finish it. And so I started.

First I fussy cut all the different Winnie-the-Pooh drawings. They were in a soft greyish-green colour that coordinated really well, in my opinion, with blues, greens and purples from my stash. I used lots of solids because I didn't want to drown poor Winnie in busy prints.

There were 8 different scenes in all: Winnie up in a tree, Winnie trying to get in a tree, Winnie looking at something, all of them really cute. So I made 8 blocks, all roughly the same size and bound them in Kona snow. This was the finished quilt top:
But I wanted to do something more, somethin extra. After all, this was a special quilt. So I decided to hand quilt it with perle cotton. I love hand quilting with perle cotton. If you haven't tried it yet, you should! I adds a modern and at the same time a very soft touch to the quilt. I used several hues of green, blue and purple to make it interesting and decided on big circles as the quilting pattern.

For the back, I chose the same colours, while the binding is one of the solid blues I used in the log cabin blocks.

Now for the stats:
Finished quilt measures : 140cm x 170 cm (55″x 67″)
Special techniques used : fussy cutting
Quilted by : me
Best Category : Hand-quilted quilt, Throw quilt , Scrap quilt (too bad there isn't a pyjama quilt category...)

Thanks for visiting and have a lovely day!

12 opmerkingen:

  1. I love this quilt. The hand quilting is absolutely gorgeous. Makes me want to go back to hand quilting too.

  2. Beautiful. The hand quilting looks great!

  3. Schitterende quilt met een prachtig verhaal! Mooie compositie heb je gemaakt met het witte vlak naast de blokken. Wat voor moois er niet uit een pyjama kan voortkomen. De dochter van je collega zal erg blj zijn. Mooi met de hand doorgequilt! Welk garen gebruik jij daarvoor. Vind het zo leuk om je blog te lezen omdat ik er echt inspiratie uit haal.Groetjes, Annemarie

  4. This IS a special quilt!! Beautifiul colours to set off the sweet Winnie fabric. The quilting adds a whole new dimension with those wonderful big circles. I have to say I love the quilt in your header too!!

  5. That is beautiful!
    What number perle cotton did you use? I mean the size of the thread not the color numbers

    1. Hoi Muriël!
      I use perle cotton nr. 8 from DMC. Havenn' used any other thread uptil now, so I can't compare, but I like the DMC.

  6. Very lovely idea, suiting those old prints!

  7. Gorgeous! I love your quilting and that you did it by hand!

  8. Your hand quilting is amazing. Wonderful job.

  9. This is adorable and the handquilting is fantastic! Well done!

  10. What a fun quilt. I love the placement of your squares, and the contrast in colors. and your pic stitching is pretty amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  11. How beautiful. The hand quilting is stunning.

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