vrijdag 6 december 2013


It's not often that I write about anything else than fabric and quilts, but this is a very special evening for children in the low countries: Sinterklaas is coming!

Sinterklaas is a very old and venerable saint, who brings presents once a year to all the children who have been good. He lives in Spain and arrives by boat in Antwerp. It's a really big thing here. This year, more than 10.000 people welcomed him and his arrival was broadcast live on television.

Children have to put something in the chimney to welcome Sinterklaas, and that's exactly what my kids did this evening: a shoe, a letter, a Westmalle trappist beer for Sinterklaas, a coca zero for Zwarte Piet and a carrot for his horse Slecht Weer Vandaag ("Bad weather today").

On the night of December 5, Sinterklaas climbs the rooftops with his helper Zwarte Piet and his horse Slecht Weer Vandaag to drop the presents through the chimneys.
When I came down just a minute ago, Sinterklaas had already brought the presents. The beer and coca cola were gone, as was the carrot: the ultimate proof the Sint was here! 

By the way: don't tell Sinterklaas that my daughter is 22 and my son 20. After all, they have been good this past year and love celebrating Sinterklaas :-)

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Never too old!!! Leuke foto's!
    Sint was gisteravond bij ons voor pakjesavond. Fijn dat hij nog even over de Belgische daken is gegaan voor hij weer naar Spanje ging...

  2. Jammer dat het weer voorbij is he? En nu dan maar weer op naar de Kerstdagen! Fijn weekend!


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