zaterdag 16 juni 2012

A new quilttop

Very busy days here, with kids taking exams and lots of work at the office too. No better way to forget about all that than some straightforward sewing. And once I saw this quilt on Flickr, I knew I had found just the right project.

I figured out the measurements and decided to keep the colours über simple, just like in the original. The dots were chosen to add some playfullness. I'll quilt it quite densely with orange thread. I think it will make a fun boy's quilt.

Now I have to look for some flannel to make the back, I'm searching for a Folksy Flannel print that is just the right colour, but they are increasingly hard to find.

I found out that Amy from Diary of a quilter sells a pattern for this quilt. It's called Chain linked modern quilt pattern and her version is charm pack friendly!

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