maandag 5 juni 2017

A travel sewing kit

A month ago, it was my daughter's birthday. And as she started a new job half a year ago, I thought it would be a good idea for her to have a compact sewing kit at her disposal in her desk. In case of wardrobe malfunctions, you never know. And so I started to think about what to buy for the sewing kit.

- scissors, of course;
- thread, of course, and in different colours, just in case;
- needles;
- a needle threader;
- buttons, also just in case;
- elastic, again just in case;
- a thimble;
- pins and safety pins;
- some other stuff.

The layout is pretty straightforward. I just put all the stuff I bought on a piece of fabric to decide on the size of the sewing kit. I knew I would make a folded model with an inserted zip, but that was all I had decided on before beginning.

Pretty quick, I decided to use leftover pieces of batting and quilt the fabric. 


After that, it was time to make the compartments for the different stuff. I chose a Denyse Schmidt flowery fabric for this. And a geometric Denyse Schmidt fabric for the zipper part and the scissors. My daughter likes flowers, but I did not wat to overdo it.

Once that part finished, I added a second piece of fabric for the back (will be the front when closed) and stichted through it on two places only: where the left and right part of the sewing kit will fold over. The binding was added to finish it of, the same way you would bind a quilt. 

Finally, a piece of fabric/string was added to be able to close the sewing kit. Tadaa! Finished!

And now, should I hope she'll use it a lot or not at all?

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