maandag 30 april 2018

A blue postage stamp quilt

It has been a while that I have wanted to make a postage stamp quilt with blue fabrics. And so I selected 80+ blue fabrics (some not much bigger than scraps) to cut into 2 inch wide strips.

After cutting all the fabrics, and sewing them together, and cutting them in strips, and sewing the strips together again to make the blocks, I discovered I had not enough blocks to make a big quilt. And so I started the whole process once again: take the fabric, iron, cut, fold, put away. 80 times, two Sundays. And I had yet to start piecing.

The squares are 1.5 inch finished, the fabrics are both old and new, many Denyse Schmidt and many different others too.

 A postage quilt looks simple, and it is, but there is so much to cut and piece and cut again and piece again, there seems to be no end to it! Luckily for me, this weekend is a long one with a national holiday, so I had four whole days off from work! Those were well used to finaly piece the whole quilt.

The quilt measures 140x200cm, which means is is big enough to use on a single bed. Or as a very generous lap quilt. We'll see. Now I have to find a backing fabric (something grey I think) and start quilting.

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