zaterdag 27 augustus 2016

From curtain to baby quilt - Van gordijn naar baby quilt

A colleague of mine became a grandmother and asked me to transform some the leftover curtain fabric for the new baby room into a baby quilt. The fabrics are blue, gold and orange and have a modern design.

The two fabrics ont the top are the fabric curtain, the other fabrics are the ones I pulled to complement them.

As we have had some excellent weather lately, I brought my sewing machine down from the attic (where it was far too hot to work on a quilt) and worked in the garden. What a joy that was!

I chose strong, modern designs to go with the curtain leftovers, because the last thing I wanted was a quilt that looked as if there was an extra curtain lying on the bed or the floor, and simply added stripes of fabric.

This was a first selection of fabrics and layout.

And this is the final selection. I ended with using the border fabric to do just that: make a border around the quilt. This tied all the fabrics really nicely together. The size is abourt 120x160cm.

The wide stripes of fabric are the leftover curtain bits, as are the borders. The other fabrics are from Katie jump rope by Denyse Schmidt and from Echo, Lotta Jansdotters first collection. I like both of these collections so much that I always hesitate to use them, but they looked so great with the curtain fabric that I didn't think twice about it.

All I have to do now is wait for the temperatures to go down, so that I can baste the quilt without fainting.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Love the curtain fabric and the fabrics you added to make the quilt! Gorgeous bold patterns and great colours!
    It’s warm here too, but luckily we have some thunderstorms this morning, so it’s cooling down a bit before the temperatures will rise again after tomorrow!

  2. Hello, We just discovered your blog and this wonderful project. The quilt is beautiful and so creative. Thank you for inspiring us with your creative work! ~Marina & Daryl at Quilt Inspiration


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